Chinese Language and Literature Program Admission Brochure
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Chinese Language and Literature Program Admission Brochure


Brief Introduction of South-Central Minzu University

○Located in the city of Wuhan, the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational and transportation center of central China

○ SCMZU boasts a campus of 1554 mu with a construction area of some 1million square meters. The library has a collection of 2.8 million volumes of books. The Ethnographic Museum on the campus is the first of its kind in universities in China

○Over 29,000 students from 56 ethnic groups in China

○Exchange and cooperation relationship with universities from the USA, UK, France, Canada, Russia, South Korea and other countries

Characteristics of South-Central Minzu University

           Respect the particularity of ethnic higher education, and combine it with the universality of general higher education

           ○Focus on communicative effectiveness and encourage comprehensive education by combining speaking, listening, writing and reading

           ○Limit the student number of each class and provide student-oriented education.

Core Courses


Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing, Chinese Comprehensive, Chinese Listening

Number of Weeks

16 weeks

Course Schedule

From Monday to Friday

Course Time

8:00 am-17:40 am

Number of Students

Around 20 per class

Class Classification

According to students’ command of Chinese, there are three class levels: Primary,Intermediate,Advanced


Students can participate in various cultural activities

Featured Courses




Paper-cut has been listed in the first national non-material cultural heritage list in China. Students can appreciate the profound folk culture by learning it.


Calligraphy, namely the writing rule of Chinese character, is a unique traditional art.

Martial Arts

With thousands years of history, Chinese martial art can be regarded as the soul of the survival and development of Chinese nation.

Cultural Experience

Regular cultural experience courses provide students the opportunity of experiencing Chinese traditional culture and life, and adapting to their life in China as soon as possible.


Application Time and Course Schedule


Application Time



Spring Semester


Dec. 20th

Mar. 1st

Jul. 10th

Autumn Semester

April 20th-

June 10th

Sept. 1st

Jan. 15th

Note: Exact time to be confirmed by the offer of admission.


-Tuition fee: 6000 RMB per semester (about 16 weeks)

-Extra charge for textbooks

-Insurance fee: 400 RMB/half a year, 800 RMB/year

-Accommodation Fee: 5000RMB per semester for single room

2500 RMB per semester for double room                                                                                      

Applicant Qualification

-Hold foreign passport and principally aged less than 25

-Have interest in Chinese language and Chinese culture

-No Chinese requisite is required

Application Procedure

1. Apply online at official website:

(Please truthfully fill in all education and work experience since high school. In case of military service, please fill it in “work experience”section.)

2. Prepare necessary materials

(please send through email to

- Highest degree or diploma: please provide clear and colored copy of your certificate of the highest degree gained(In Chinese or English, if the original document is not in English, please provide certified translation of the original copy.)

-Ordinary passport: please provide clear and colored copy of the passport


If the applicant is aged younger than 18, the applicant must contact us to be informed of the additional application requirements.

3.Review of the application

-The review of application begins after the applicant submit all required documents, and the applicant may be required to provide additional materials.

-The review process takes up to 3-4 weeks and the result will be sent through email.

-International Education College will send offer of admission and visa application documents in June and July. New student registration will begin in late August or early September, exact time to be affirmed by the offer of admission.

Contact Us

International Education College

South-Central Minzu University

182 Minzu Ave., Hongshan District, Wuhan,

Hubei Province, P.R.China 430074

Tel: +86-27-87532143



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