Undergraduate Major Business Administration Admission Brochure
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1. Brief Introduction of South-Central Minzu University

Located in the city of Wuhan, the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational and transportation center of central China.

SCMZU boasts a campus of 1554 mu with a construction area of some 1 million square meters. The library has a collection of 2.8 million volumes of books. The Ethnographic Museum on the campus is the first of its kind in universities in China.

Over 29,000 students from all 56 ethnic groups in China.

Exchange and cooperation relationship with the universities from USA, UK, France, Canada, Russia, Korea and other countries.

2. Characteristics of South-Central Minzu University

Each year, SCMZU holds numerous cultural activities where international students can enjoy a great time and involve themselves in a wonderful journey to discover China, including city tour to historical spots in Wuhan, sports meeting, practicing calligraphy and martial arts, learning paper-cutting and so on.

Control the student number of every class and provide student-oriented services.

Implement education by focusing on communication.

3. Introduction to Business Administration Major

The Business Administration major was founded in 1985, which is affiliated to  School of Managementwith over 80 faculties and staff including 12 professors, 43 associate professors, and 35 master tutors. Masters degree program was declared success in 2000. The major was honored as Flagship Specialtyof our university in 2008. The experimental teaching reform carried out in 2013 won the second prize of Hubei Province Higher Education Teaching Achievements. It again was awarded as the Key Discipline of Hubei Provincein 2014. With over 30 years experience of program development, regarded as a major pioneer in the field of business and management education, it enjoys a high social reputation for the alumni of good management quality who make significant contributions to enterprises and governments.

The major basically offers a series of theory courses such as management, economics, law, accounting, marketing, operation management, financial management, strategic management, human resource management, investment management, project management, e-commerce, etc. Internship and practical training include Enterprise Operation Sand Table Simulation, Curriculum Design of Market Survey and Enterprise Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurship Experiment and China Manufacturing Experience.

The Business Administration major is designed to provide professional students with broad education across all the key aspects of business environment as preparation for a variety of positions in the government sectors, enterprises, or institutions involved with China trade. A solid basis is provided to develop interests in the business fields including economics, law and enterprise management, understand the characteristics of Chinese enterprises and market economy, and cultivate creative and practical talents with global vision.

After 4 years of schooling, Bachelor's degree in management will be granted to qualified students.

4. Application Deadline and Course Schedule


Course Beginning

June. 10th

Sept. 1st


*Exact time may be changed subject to conditions, contact us for more information.


5. Fees

Tuition fee: 15000 RMB/ academic year

Extra charge for textbooks

Insurance fee is 800RMB/academic year. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education in China, every international student should buy Comprehensive Medical Insurance & Protection Scheme.

In-campus accommodation fee:

 5000 RMB per year for single room

 10000 RMB per year for double room

The university provides “Excellent International Student Scholarship”, all Business Administration students can enjoy free tuition fee for their first academic year. Through their 2nd to 4th academic year, 50% of all students will get the scholarship (according to the class performance and examination results). There are 3 levels of the scholarship: 1st level,100% off tuition fee ; 2nd level, 60% off tuition fee; 3rd level, 30% off tuition fee.

6. Required Qualifications

High school equivalent or above diploma or degree.

Excellent English language Proficiency. For those whose native language is not English, please provide score report of English language test (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS/others), or need to pass the English interview organized by International Education College.

7. Application Procedure

◎Apply online at official website: https://scuec.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx

(Please truthfully fill in all education and work experience since high school. In case of military service, please fill it in “work experience “section.)

◎Prepare necessary materials

(please send through email to 2015027@mail.scuec.edu.cn)

- Highest degree or diploma: please provide clear and colored copy of the certificate of the highest degree gainedIn Chinese or English, if the original document is not in English, please provide certified translation of the original copy.)

-Passport: please provide clear and colored copy of the passport



If the applicant is aged younger than 18, the applicant must contact usto be informed of the additional application requirements.

Review of the application:

It will take up to 3-4 weeks to review the materials and the result will be sent to the applicant by email.

Admission and Registration:

International Education College will send offer of admission and visa application documents in June and July. New student registration will begin in late August or early September, exact time to be affirmed by the offer of admission.

8. Contact Us

International Education College

South-Central Minzu University

182 Minzu Ave., Hongshan District, Wuhan,

Hubei Province, P.R.China 430074

Tel: +86-27-87532143




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